As we close in on a year being out of the house, we are starting to wrap up our last of the “firsts.” This was our first Halloween on the road, and it was a one of those magical days that makes this life feel deeply rewarding. When else, in what other situation, could a friend text me and say, “Hey! No pressure, but if you’re going to be near us, you should come trick-or-treating with us,” and when else could we say YES to that when that friend lives in Connecticut?


Connecticut, if you’re not familiar, is like an actual Hallmark movie. No, I’m serious. They just filmed one there. When you mostly grow up in Texas and then return there and raise your babies there for 10 years, it’s easy to think of places with fall foliage and houses older than your hometown as mythical. The whole time we were trick-or-treating, I was just like, OMG is this for real?

It was, as was my friend Suzanne’s lovely hospitality and legit Halloween costume library. Wallace borrowed this lobster costume from them, in case you’re wondering. He has no real connection with lobsters. It was just available and free.

In years past, I’ve gone way over the top for Halloween. We’ve decorated, hosted parties, done the family costumes, I’ve sewn the costumes and crafted the costumes. This year, though, I swear I looked up and was like, “Well, crap. Halloween is in two days.” And we had nothing for costumes, nor time or a shipping address to rely on Amazon Prime to make me look like a better mother.

As if by magic, the Walmart we boondocked at on our way back through Vermont had exactly what each kid wanted for their Halloween costume.

Lowell requested to be a fox, and I found exactly one (mangled) set of fox ears and a tail buried at the bottom of the Halloween aisle.

Kendall settled on a werewolf, and they had just a few of those left, along with a pretty great selection of flannel shirts to finish the look off.

Leyna decided to shake things up from her costume last year as a unicorn, and wanted to go as a pug-corn- a pug/unicorn. Of course. Luckily Walmart had plenty of face makeup left, and felt, and the exact same unicorn horn that I bought for her last year and then donated because why would I pack that in the RV?

Scott continued his winning streak by carving up all the requested pumpkins, including, naturally, the pug-corn pumpkin.

Our kids ran down the street with a flock of other kids, and we had an impromptu Halloween party back and Suzanne’s house later in the night. It was a lovely bit of normalcy in a magical place.