It’s been a take the good with the bad kind of day, and I’m sharing both because while this life may look like a dream, we have to work for it, and it comes with it’s fair share of disappointment.

The good:


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A longtime friend who works in PR connected me with Sarah Cody of WTNH8 in New Haven, Connecticut, and she came out to interview us last week about our adventures. The segment aired today, and it’s so fun! (Kendall would like me to clarify that he was itching, not picking his nose. So…. ok.) We loved sharing our story with them. You can see it here.

Also, I was live on The Rhode Show in Providence, Rhode Island last week! My dear friend Audrey connected me with them. You can see that here.

The bad:

We specifically came down to New Jersey for a couple reasons, the biggest being so we could park our RV here and head into NYC this week to work with a brand on a project. They notified us this afternoon that they can’t move forward with the project at this time, which was going to fund our NYC adventures and lodging. So that’s a big bummer because without that we really can’t allocate the funds to make the trip in. We may still try to make at least a night in the city happen in a week or two before we have to leave New Jersey, but I have some sad kiddos who are missing out on a screening of The Grinch this week and some other things I already promised them, like ice skating at Rockefeller.

I hesitated to share this because, on one hand, it feels super whiney, but you all have expressed to me over and over that you want more “real” from us, and that’s really all I have in me to post about tonight. I have to get back to work, especially now that I have to make up for the loss in income from this. I’m trying to see this is in a positive light- I have some fun things I’m working on that could really use more of my time this week. So I’m going to go dive into those and I can’t wait to share them with you!