We’ve been close to Canada a few times on our route, but we weren’t able to hop the border because Scott didn’t have a passport. It’s one of those silly things that we really should have done before we left Texas, but it was also one of the silly things that fell to the bottom of our to-do list, outweighed by a lot of really pressing and not-silly things that needed to get done before we launched.

We intended to get it done sooner, but we ultimately didn’t make time for it until we were in Michigan for a few weeks in August/September. When we finally got it, after having it shipped to my mom and having her send it to us, we were in Ohio? Maine? I can’t remember, but we got it in time to visit eastern Canada, and we began making plans to make our way up through that side of the country.

All was going well until the Saturday that we loaded up in the truck and headed to Niagara Falls- the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Everyone told us is much prettier from that side. Thank goodness we weren’t crossing into Canada with the RV that day. It was just supposed to be a day trip, and we’d cross over with the RV to our park a couple days later.

We were all in the truck, waiting, and Scott said he had to run back in real quick. Cut to 20 minutes later, he tells me he can’t find Wallace’s birth certificate. We tore this RV apart, but I’m pretty sure it’s back in our storage unit with other documents we didn’t need for the trip.

So we saw Niagara from the US side that day, and it didn’t disappoint! Maybe the Canada side is prettier, but we didn’t feel like we missed out on anything.

We didn’t get the kids passports because it’s quite expensive to do that for all 4 of them, and you only need birth certificates to get in and back from Canada by car.

$150, a notary visit, 2 extended and delayed RV park reservations, and 4 days later, we had Wallace’s birth certificate in hand.

We spent a week in Canada, starting with Toronto for a few nights…

The hockey hall of fame was a must-see for Scott.

Then Ottawa…

Then Montreal

And finally, Quebec City

We even got a snow day! It followed the scariest, craziest night in the RV, and I hardly slept because I was seriously worried we would blow over.

A few places we enjoyed visiting, shopping, and eating at in Canada:
Hockey Hall Of Fame
Dave & Busters in Vaughan, Ontario (hosted)
Hockey Life (a whole mega store dedicated to hockey!)
Smoke’s Poutinerie
Beaver Tails
Montreal Observation Wheel
Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal
Xavier Artisan (coffee and sandwiches) Montreal
Baguette & Chocolat, Quebec City
Mary’s Popcorn, Quebec City

RV Parks we stayed at:
Buffalo, NY- Darien Lakes State Park
Toronto- Glen Rouge Campground
Ottawa’s Poplar Grove Campground
Montreal- Marina Port de plaisance Réal-Bouvier
Quebec City- Motel Etchemin