We are leaving Ohio tomorrow with a pang of guilt. We’ve done basically nothing here but hide in our RV for 4 days. We tried, Ohio. We did. We drove 1.5 hours to Cuyahoga National Park (did you know you have a National Park, Ohio??). As soon as we got there, the heavens opened and the humid skies gave way to fat rain drops that fell hard and fast with no signs on the radar map (which, admittedly, we should have checked before leaving) of letting up.

We walked into the visitor center, grabbed Jr. Ranger books, but also bought non-Jr Ranger patches for the kids because we wouldn’t have time to complete the books there, then tried to sit through the informational film about the park. We always try to make the kids watch these because they tend to help answer a lot in their Jr. Ranger activity books. Couldn’t make it through this one, though. It was a little… dry for the kids.

We left, tried to swing by the falls. gave up, and hit the road with the intention of at least eating dinner at a Cleveland restaurant. Something local. I’m fighting a cold, though, and the kids are fighting bad attitudes, and we’re really over paying $50+ for meals that aren’t enjoyable.

This has nothing to do with you, Ohio. It’s us. It’s entirely us. We booked a park far from things. We got sick. We planned poorly. We have to go. I’m sure you’re lovely. I’m sure you could surprise us like lots of other states have.

Sometimes we just really suck at visiting places.