Welp, folks. This is a video a lot of you have asked for, and I have finally delivered.

From morning until night, this is us, living in our RV, the way we live most days when we aren’t out exploring.

We aren’t always headed to breathtaking locales. We aren’t always taking in the local culture.

Most days, we’re bumming around in this RV that gets cluttered way too fast, eating food we got at a box store, just trying to get LIFE done.

That sounds mundane, but it always looks different.

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I talk a little about why our super awesome blackout shades are killing our productivity. They work WAY TOO WELL. I think this is a common problem with newer RVs because we’ve talked to several other full time RVers who have the same issue. Going to add some kind of curtain solution for the bedroom to our list of RV renovations.

Speaking of renovations, you can catch up on everything we’ve done so far here and here.

Even though this was just a “regular day,” magic still happened. Lowell learned to ride his bike without training wheels! He only got it a little over a month ago, and we knew this day would come fast. He’s a natural. I LOVE that I got that moment on video- totally by accident.

It’s not a regular RV living day if you’re not dealing with some kind of maintenance to the rig, it seems like. On this day, we learned that drain flies and fruit flies are different issues with two different solutions. We’re still pouring bleach and vinegar down our drains in an attempt to thwart these nuisances.

This is a day in our RV life.