S’mores! We love ’em. We started out this trip making them so much that we got a little burnt out (pun not intended, but I’ll laugh at myself anyhow) on the traditional s’more so we started experimenting with fun variations.

Did you see our Bacon S’more trial?

So knowing that our family is already a fan of the s’more style combos, I’ve been making s’more-inspired road trip snacks with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, who is sponsoring this post and our summer of crazy fun!

It’s hardly a detailed recipe. Just a basic mix of:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate chips

Mixed well and divided into baggies.

The thing about road trips is we stop at a lot of gas stations because of course, and the kids beg us for candy at every stop. We don’t give in often. I always, always pack a bunch of fruit when we travel, but I get those long-car-ride sweet and crunchy cravings, too. Buying everyone a sweet from the gas station can put a real dent in the budget, especially when we are in the car so much.

I’ve packed just plain Cinnamon Toast Crunch for them as road trip snacks before, but adding the marshmallows and chocolate chips really makes it “special” to them, and it cuts down on the complaints when I say, “We’re not buying anything at the gas station, but I have some treats for you after everyone uses the restroom and we get going again.”  

Pro tip: Always make them use the restroom! I can’t count the number of times we have left a pit-stop and then heard someone ask to go potty 15 miles down the road. 

The best part of this snack mix is when we get to our next campsite we can roast our Cinnamon Toast Crunch s’mores mix over the fire!

Here’s our video where I show how to do just that and how to fold the foil pouches we use.

To summarize the video, you just take the same mix and pour it into foil pouches. Then roast those over the campfire for only 2-3 minutes. Sometimes our campfire rings don’t have grates over them, so we balance the pouch on our roasting fork.

 Then you can eat them with a spoon, which makes the whole s’mores thing a lot less messy.

We also managed to make these on our gas stove (again just a couple minutes, flipping with tongs, keeping the flame low), and in our oven. For the oven, we set it to 400 and put the pouches in for just a few minutes.

You don’t have to eat them straight from the foil, but it sure makes cleaning up a breeze.

And even though this Cinnamon Toast Crunch snack mix is perfect for the car or the campfire, you don’t have to go on a road trip, go camping, or even share with kids to enjoy this! Maybe you want a little taste of summer (and your childhood because Cinnamon Toast Crunch, am I right?) at your desk or while you binge you favorite Netflix show. Treat. Yo. Self.

For more Cinnamon Toast Crunch snack mix ideas, visit CrazySquares.com!

A New Take On S’mores That Work For Roadtrips Or Campfires

Thanks again to Cinnamon Toast Crunch for sponsoring this post and our video!