Bacon. S’mores.

I’ve gotta admit, at first glance they looked repulsive, but in a possibly delicious way? I saw this Delish video making the rounds on Facebook, and it got such a response from the Happy Loud Life audience when I shared it on our FB page that I decided not only did we have to make them, but we needed to document it!

The timing worked out that I decided to make it the first video on our brand new Happy Loud Life YouTube channel.

As you probably know, we’ve been producing episodes 2x a week for BabyLeague since we launched in January, and while we’ve loved sharing our journey on their channel and with their audience, we were ready to take the exciting leap into the world of a YT channel of our own. So as of this week, we are officially at this YouTube link. WE WOULD LOVE IF YOU’D SUBSCRIBE! We need to work hard and fast to get our numbers up!

I anticipate we will still at least share 2x a week, though I’m really trying to get us up to 3 video uploads a week there, even if one of them is shorter and less produced than the others. (I’ve learned so much about playing into YouTube algorithms in the last few weeks. It’s going to be a lot of work, but we’re excited to dive in.)

I feel like I have a little more freedom to get a little more personal with our own channel. (Not that BL ever put any restrictions on us like that, just that it felt like being a guest in someone’s home, you know?) So I’m looking forward to sharing a lot more really real peeks into this life and into our family’s past, present, and future.

Okay, but back to Bacon S’mores! The consensus? All but one of us LOVED them. You’ll have to watch to see who wasn’t a fan!