When we finally got our house on the market, it was in pristine condition. It was GORGEOUS and SUPER CLEAN and OMG we had to get our kids out of there before they destroyed it.

It was the beginning of the school year, but still hot as heck in Texas. It felt like a great time to take advantage of our first year of homeschooling/roadschooling by taking the kids to Schlitterbahn during a school week. Low crowds and lots of sunny fun to be had!

I reached out to the Schlitterbahn team, and they were so kind and generous. They hooked us up with an adorable 2 bedroom Riverbend cabin right above The Falls – think not-so-lazy river- (and steps away from many other attractions) for 2 nights.

Yeah, if you’re from Texas, you probably know of the awesomeness that is Schlitterbahn. Heck, we had our senior class trip there. But did y’all even know they have cabins? Because I had no idea!

For those not from Texas, Schlitterbahn is THE waterpark. In our humble Texan opinion, it’s not just the best in the state, but probably the entire country. It’s 70 acres and over 51 attractions because you know how we do things BIG here in Texas. And that means it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

The cabin was ideal for life with a baby at a waterpark. We were steps away from that lazy river down below, but not so close that I had to worry about the kids accidentally falling in. Our balcony had a great railing, and Wallace and I hung out on the patio and watched the kids and Scott float by below just before naptime.

This river wasn’t exactly “lazy.” It’s actually the world’s longest waterpark ride, with lots of waves, drops, waterfalls, and a ride up a conveyor belt! Our 4 year old wasn’t a huge fan and insisted on riding only with his dad, and we did not feel comfortable taking the baby on it. But the older two LOVED it and rode it over and over. And according to Scott, it’s the best “lazy river” in the history of water parks.

We made lunch in our kitchen, and at night we had access to the pool, which was just a short walk away after the park closed. I would say that was Lowell’s favorite part. He loved late night pool swims, and so did the baby!

For dinner, we ordered takeout from Underground Pizza, which was a quick drive from the resort. Their cheese wurst, anti-oxidant salad, mac & cheese, and margarita (pizza) pie were all huge hits with the whole family. Since we had a kitchen with a microwave and a refrigerator, we were able to order more than we needed for one meal and stretch it over 2 days.

And when you’re this close to Gruene, you must visit the Gristmill, so we did that the last night we were there.

It was just the kind of laid-back vacation we needed after the stress of getting the house show ready.  Though we did try to weave in some roadschooling by listening to Stuff You Should Know’s “How Waterslides Work” podcast episode. 

Now the kids keep bringing Schlitterbahn up, wondering when we’ll go back, and we definitely will when we are back in Texas. Kendall could spend all day at the Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride. 

If you’re traveling through central Texas, it’s 100% worth a day or two of your itinerary! If you want to check out the cabins and other lodging options, head here. If you’re going to be visiting in your RV, there are many RV parks in the area. Here’s a list with reviews.




Thank you to Schlitterbahn for providing the lodging and park admission in exchange for blog and social media coverage. All opinions and photos are my own.