There are a lot of ways which we have to remind ourselves that we are LIVING on the road and not just vacationing, including how we feed ourselves. This trip could quickly become astronomically expensive if we didn’t make most of our meals in the RV. Heck, a trip to Chick Fil A costs our family of 6 $35, and one of our kids isn’t even old enough for a kids meal yet.

So we’ve had to find ways to work with our small space and sometimes limited electricity to make healthy meals that everyone loves, and we’ve had to find snacks that we can rely on to keep everyone going while we’re out exploring.

I talked about all of this in today’s YouTube episode on BabyLeague…

Snacks are SO important. We keep a cooler in our truck and fill it with water, fruit, trail mix, and snack bars like Kind (our current favs are dark chocolate cherry) and Clif Kid ZBARs.

The thing about snacks is if we don’t have them- if we don’t take the time to plan and pack ahead of time- we end up blowing money at fast food and convenience stores, which are both budget busters and rarely healthy.

For quick breakfasts, we stocked up on frozen breakfast sandwiches at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago, and we also found these Ore Ida Just Crack An Egg cups and they’ve been awesome! Admittedly, not the most eco-friendly option with all the packaging, but they are awesome for fast meals we can take out the door. (I show them off more in the video above.)

And, of course, we have an Instant Pot and we use it nearly every day. We’ve cooked everything from hard boiled eggs, and rice, to carnitas, and even cheesecake in it!

We had my dad and stepmom over for dinner the other night and I made the most amazing tortilla soup in it! It was fast, easy, and everyone loved it. I didn’t have all the spices we needed for it (after our great spice purge when we moved in), so I substituted one pack of low sodium taco seasoning, and that worked great.

Here’s the tortilla soup Instant Pot recipe.  

We so rarely use our oven that we actually store stuff in it, so I’m wondering about an air fryer. It seems to be the next big kitchen appliance, and I notice that a lot of RV families have one. Do you? Even if you live in a house or apartment, I’d love to hear your experience! If you have one that you love, please tell me what brand you recommend! There seem to be more than a few. And tell me your favorite recipes! Please.