We came back to Texas  after New Orleans. Not just Texas, but our old town- our kids’ “hometown” I guess you’d say. We stayed at an RV park just about a 20 minute drive from our old house and about as close to our pediatrician’s office.

We planned this stop for a lot of reasons- the kids getting to hang out with their friends, putting stuff we realized we didn’t need in our storage unit, getting Wallace’s 12 month vaccinations. What we did not plan this stop for was dealing with the flu and RSV! But I’m real glad that all worked out the way it did.

I mean, if your baby is going to get the flu followed by RSV when you live in a RV, the BEST possible place for that to happen is at the RV park down the road from their doctor. We talked about it in our Saturday episode.

It was a forced pause that was a little frustrating. Here we’d built up all this momentum and seen so many great places since the beginning of January only to be back in our old stomping grounds and STUCK. It was cold, we were worried the kids were contagious, blerg.

All that said, though, it wound up being a break we needed to get caught up and to rest. Not to mention, Kendall and Leyna LOVED all the time they got to spend with their friends.

A lot of you have asked about how we are handling their friendships on the road, and how much we considered this when we decided to make this leap. I did my best to try to answer all of that in our latest Happy Loud Life YouTube episode on Baby League.

The short story is that we are all still trying to figure it out, but we rely a lot on texting, emails, video game link ups, Facetime, and a cool toy called a Talkie by Toymail. 

It took about a week to get all the germs behind us. Then we hitched our trailer back up and headed southwest to Fort Davis. I’ve been in this part of the country before, but it’s been years and years. It’s BEAUTIFUL. I forgot… or  more accurately…. I never realized how beautiful it is here. Yeah, it’s far out here and there’s not a whole lot other than tiny towns, but it’s just breathtakingly BIG and stunning.

We are still here… well, in the area. We moved to Marfa today in search of better WiFi connections. I have more to share about Valentine’s in Valentine, but that needs to be it’s own post. Too much awesome to try to cram in here. Be back soon!