Oh look! It’s only been a week since I posted! Slowly settling into a routine that will hopefully include more regular updates here. I have to admit, a big reason why the blogging is scarce is because the YouTube videos are a plenty. 2 a week is a pretty rigorous schedule, but we feel like sharing this journey in video format is so important, so I really hope you’ll watch us over on BabyLeague YouTube.

Last Saturday’s episode was all about RV life GETTING REAL.

Coming away from life at Disney World, it was time to get serious about getting into a routine. Scott and I are both still working, and we’re still trying to find a homeschool/roadschool balance. And then we went and hit two trees with our RV. It was a pretty stressful week.

A note about stress on the road:
Yes, this is taking some time to adjust to, but we fully expected this. A lot of the stress was beyond our control, and we quickly learned we need a better support system in place when it comes to things like video editing and running my other blog- Baby Rabies. We hired a team of people to help, and we’re feeling good about things smoothing out sooner than later.

Also? We knew we weren’t going on some blissful stress-free 365 day vacation. Our life is still real and comes with challenges. We’re just trading some old for new, and taking them on the road with us. Stress with a view! Ha!

The good news is after that stressful week, we were able to park our RV at Bayou Segnette state park outside of New Orleans and check into the Ritz Carlton on Canal Street for a few days for the Dad 2.0 Summit conference.

Scott and I spoke on a panel with Becca and Ben from the Family Fulfillment Project all about living with our families full-time in an RV on the road. One of the perks of attending the conference was the great rate we got at the Ritz, so we took full advantage of the fancy hotel, endless hot showers, and some PG rated Mardi Gras festivities.

And we got to see Rosie! Rosie is our pug who is living with a friend while we’re on the road. She brought her and her own pug- Klaus- to New Orleans from Austin so they could partake in the Barkus parade, which is a Mardi Gras parade for dogs! It was the only Mardi Gras parade we took the kids to, and it was absolutely adorable. We had no idea she was going to be there until I saw a picture of the costume she made for Rosie on Instagram and realized we’d be in NOLA on the same weekend. The kids were thrilled to meet up with Rosie pug!

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