My goodness. A month. It’s been a month, and it’s BEEN a MONTH. You know? I last updated y’all here on the blog 31 days ago, and that is just plain embarrassing. In fact, y’all, at one point I tried to blog but it had been so long since I logged in that I forgot the password so I just gave up and did an Instagram story, instead.

Speaking of those, are you following us on Instagram? Because WE LOVE INSTAGRAM. It’s so fun and easy to share our fun everyday moments on our stories, and I try to update at least once a day on our feed. You know, in case you are really missing us.

I wish I had enough time to bring you all up to speed and cover the entire month of January here, but we are rolling into New Orleans at this very minute and my bladder is about to pop. The good news, though, is we have 5 episodes up on BabyLeague’s YouTube right now, and they will cover it all! I’m going to go ahead and embed each one here for you to watch, but we would also LOVE for you to click through, like, comment on the videos and subscribe to Baby League! We are exclusively on their channel for this trip, and have new episodes every Tuesday and Saturday morning.

I really, really, really want to start blogging more over here , but I’m going to restrain from making promises. Less talking, more doing… I’m working on it. It feels like we’re finally staring to find a new normal… but I don’t want to type that too loud.