2017 can be described as A LOT OF WORK. It wasn’t a very “fun” year for our family. I feel pretty bad that the kids had to fend for themselves so much while Scott and I worked to finish house projects, get the house on the market, keep the house show ready, and keep up with our jobs on top of all of that.

But 2018? WE ARE READY! We’re finally going to get to reap the rewards of all that hard work, starting with our first destination. Want to know where?

Photo by Tyler Schmitt of The Mill Photo Studio

The last Christmas gift the kids opened were Disney gift cards to be spent at…. I’m sure you guessed it! Disney World! We are driving straight there, and checking into Fort Wilderness with our RV on January 8th.

Did you even know Disney World has it’s own RV park?? I think I kinda knew this, but didn’t realize it’s so amazing, and relatively cheap ($75ish/night), and SO HARD to find a spot at. It took nearly moving a mountain (or convincing a kind phone rep to escalate my call to a manager) to find 4 nights in January, but we got them! 4 nights was the longest they could accommodate us at Fort Wilderness, so we’ll move to the Caribbean Beach Resort for 3 more nights (also cheap right now because it’s under construction). They said we can park the RV in their parking lot. That will give us 8 days at Disney World to celebrate all our hard work in 2017 and the kids incredible patience with us throughout the process.

It’s also looking like it’s going to be the very first RV park we stay at. So… here’s to learning how to do all that jazz at the most magical place on earth. We’ll drive out of here- south of San Antonio- the 5th and likely just stay at hotels along the way until we get there on the 8th. We’re just not super comfortable with the idea of finding and setting up at RV parks along the way for short overnight stays, and we’re not quite at a level where we feel comfortable camping in Walmart parking lots just yet.

After Disney, we have a few nights booked at an Orlando area state park, and then we need to figure out our next move for a couple weeks before we are booked to be at another state park in the panhandle at the end of the month. This is the exciting and kinda terrifying part of all of this- figuring things out, like where we will LIVE, on the fly.

So it looks like nearly all of January will be in Florida somewhere. Then we’ll kickoff February in New Orleans! Scott and I are speaking at Dad 2.0 Summit about this traveling and working and parenting life.

That’s really all the plans I have to share for now because that’s all we have figured out!

BUT! I have one more SUPER exciting thing I can finally share! (2017 was also the year of having to keep really exciting secrets.) We were asked to produce our own series for the BabyLeague channel on YouTube!

You can follow our adventures there starting January 16th! We would love for you to subscribe!!  (And yes, this post needs all the !!! because THIS IS AMAZING!)