“I want to be sure you understand, okay? Look at me… Okay. So you’re going with NaNa on Sunday, and you’re spending the night at your friend’s on Saturday, so that means that Friday night is your last night in this house. And when you leave on Sunday, you’re not coming back to this house……. Do you understand? You need to spend quality time with your friends this week and say goodbye to them. We’ll come back to visit, but you won’t be their neighbor anymore after Sunday.”

So, hi, blog readers. It’s been a while, but those words up there that I said to Kendall tonight should give you a good idea of where we’re at now. We close on the house tomorrow! Yeah, I realize I never said much when we got the offer on the house. I was scared it would fall through, and honestly life has been SO busy for so many reasons that I didn’t have time to put words together in my head, let alone here on the blog. If you’re following @Happy.Loud.Life on Instagram, you may have seen me mention it a couple times there.

We have a 10 day leaseback, so we don’t have to be out until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but Kendall and Leyna, the two big kids, are going with my mom down to her place on Sunday. Scott and I will be here until the 25th with the 2 little boys- Lowell and Wallace. We have a lot of packing to do, but, most importantly, we have to see about buying a truck and an RV!

We have our eye on a 5th wheel mid-bunk model- a slightly used 2016 that we’re hoping we can negotiate a good deal on. Ideally, we’ll have it and the truck before we have to be out of here on the 25th, but if that doesn’t happen, we’re fine.  We aren’t in a huge rush because technically we have another place to live for the rest of the year.

We’re going down to my mom’s for the month of December. She and her husband own Strawberry Pines, a vacation rental and event venue. We’ll be able to stay at one of the houses on property or at her house (when she has them rented for events). There also happens to be an RV park right across the highway from it, so we can park the RV there if/when we do get one.

I stressed about the timing of everything, but I’m seeing now that it all worked out so perfectly. I just wrapped up a big project that I couldn’t have worked on from the road, and we’ll be able to spend Christmas with my family. The kids will get a traditional Christmas morning in a house. We won’t have to stress about the logistics of Santa in an RV just yet. I think it will just make the transition much easier. We’ll also be able to take our time getting the RV moved in, decorated, and organized in a way that works for us before we have to live in it full time.

So! The plan!! I know a lot of you are probably like, “OMG are they ever going to leave?” When we announced our plans earlier this year, we really didn’t think it would take this long, but the best part of this is IT DOESN’T MATTER. We are on our own timeline, and that’s amazing. Now it’s looking like everything is coming together for us to spend all of 2018 on the road, and we’ll launch at the beginning of January.

We aren’t quite sure where we’ll go first. We’re going to spend a good amount of time in December figuring that out, but we’re strongly leaning toward heading for Florida and then working our way along the southern part of the country back to the west coast by spring. If you have recommendations of places to stay in Florida, let me know! I’m not kidding when I say we have ZERO plans so far.

And I promise to blog more soon. I feel like I can finally talk about all of this!