Our whole family is sleeping in our master bedroom right now- every night. That may sound like a nightmare until you consider this saves us from having to clean the 2nd floor of our house every day while it’s on the market.

I wish I could say this is a new thing we thought of once we listed the house for sale, but all the kids have been sleeping in our room many nights (Lowell- the 4 year old- most nights, Wallace- the baby- all nights) almost all year. It was one of the reasons we were like, “WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR A GIANT HOUSE, OMG, WE CAN’T ESCAPE THEM ANYWAY, LET’S GET AN RV.”

What IS new, though, is that we finally got the kids cots. 

We did some research and found some that weren’t too pricey (we had to get THREE), and looked sturdy and big enough they wouldn’t outgrow them.

I landed on these portable fold-up cots on Amazon. As you can see above, they fit under our bed perfectly.

They come in 5 different colors, but as a Professional Mother, I know you get them all in the same color. You get everything all the time in the same color, the same flavor, the same shape.

So we got three in black. They are about $38 each, and super duper sturdy. Worth noting that there’s not a bar that touches the middle of the underside of the cot, so it’s really like sleeping on a tight piece of fabric.

Buttttt… I guess that wasn’t comfortable enough for these 3 delicate flowers because we had many complaints about them not being “squishy” after a couple nights. You know, kids these days are so spoiled by memory foam. Back in my day, we slept on sleeping bags on the floor, and we liked it.

We are all sharing a room now, though, and we wanted to keep them excited about their own beds and keep them from all trying to pile in with us. So we got a king size memory foam mattress topper from Walmart, cut it in 3, and boom. Done.

I don’t know if we’ll have room for the cots in the RV, or if they will even be necessary, but they have been 100% worth the money spent just to get us through having the house on the market.

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