I mentioned in my first post how the idea to sell our house and move into an RV to travel the country for a year started to come together one night at the dinner table in February 2017.

It’s a moment I know I’ll never forget, and I hope my kids don’t either. Well, I guess I can only hope the oldest two don’t forget. 3 and 2 months old is probably a little too young.

Kendall likes to bring up “that stupid night you got that stupid idea.”

Maybe not the warm fuzzy memory you’d think I would hope for, but it’s cool. I’m good with this.

Because one thing I really want to happen because of this trip is for my kids to witness, from the very beginning, the birth of a wild, crazy, scary, risky idea. And I want them to see how hard we all have to work to make it happen, the sacrifices we have to make. I want them to see this “what if” from a dinner conversation become something big and tangible and actual.

And when they are older, I want them to remember that time their mom had this “stupid idea” that changed their lives for the better. Then I want them to take risks and make their own scary, crazy, wild ideas become a reality, too.